A to Z of Business Blogging: A is for Archives

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A to Z of Business BloggingThis a series of posts entitled the A to Z of Business Blogging which take a look at the some of the elements and benefits of company blogs or corporate blogs.

A is for Archives

A blog’s archives are effectively anywhere that posts are stored once they disappear from the blog’s front page. The two main areas which I consider as archive areas are the “Archives” themselves where the posts can be found according to the date they were published and “Categories” where the posts are kept according to the subject matter that they deal with. Both of these are organised so that they are easy to use for your readers and help posts to be easily indexed by the Search Engines

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The Blog Coach returns

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The Blog Coach ReturnsWell, I hardly consider myself “prodigal” but, with a return to updating The Blog Coach being massively overdue, I’m pleased to announce that I will be once again blogging here again as from this week.

From the questions I get asked every day, I see that more and more people, both as individuals and as representatives of their companies, are looking for help in making sure that their blogging is working for them. It might be for an individual blog, or for one as part of their main website or for one that’s taking a leading role in their social media campaign. All are out there and being developed on a regular basis.

Of course, there’s a huge amount of information scattered around the internet about blogging including

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Check out Better Business Blogging

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I wanted to let you know that, for the time being, I will not be updating The Blog Coach site with further articles and posts. The arrival of my first child has meant that I don’t think that I can maintain two blogs in the manner that I want at this time with everything else that is going on.

Instead I will be focussing on the Better Business Blogging site where you will still be able to keep up to date with the advice, tips, thoughts etc. on blogging and new media that would have appeared on these pages.

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Thinking of starting a business blog? Consider this …

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Push here to start a successful Business BlogIt doesn’t matter whether you are a small business, an independent entrepreneur or a large corporate organisation, when you are looking at starting a Business Blog, there are going to be some key elements that you need to look at if you want to give it the best possible chance for success.

While the specific requirements will vary according to the goals and expectations, you should be able to answer the following questions from the start:

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Business Blog Design: Navigation & using your Content

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Business Blog Design SeriesMaking it easy for readers to get around your blog is essential – it’s also very sensible. You put a lot of time and effort into writing your posts, so you want to make sure that they can be found easily and any associated information also highlighted to your blog readers.

If you have special elements – these could be promotions, services, products, giveaways etc. – that you are looking to highlight, then these should be positioned accordingly at the top of your blog, above the fold. This will make these elements easy to locate and additional variations to the blog, as they will no doubt vary over time as your business priorities change.

However, the rest of your content also needs to be shown off to best effect!

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